AMAZING! It’s the BEST live musical performance I have been to! (That’s saying something, because I’ve been to quite a few concerts in multiple genres of music.)

There was an Incredibly talented group of hand-picked musicians and chorus tours with Hans, and we could tell that he admires and appreciates them very much by the way he would introduce them or speak of them during the show.

Hans invokes so many emotions in me in just one 7 or 8 min piece of music. I think he’s one of the best movie composers in the business.

Seriously, If you ever have the rare opportunity to see him live. Do it!

Hans Zimmer is the one playing the banjo in white

Why Hans Zimmer?

Zac's obsession with batman continued his love for Hans Zimmer music
Zac's obsession with pirates as a kid led to his love of Hans Zimmer music

Why did WE go to a Hans Zimmer show??

Have you listened to any of his scores? He’s a brilliant composer!

But, really, It all comes down to Zac.

Zac loves the Hans’ music and is the reason why we made an extra effort to go to this show. His love for Hans and movie scores started around the age of 5 after we saw the movie Tron:Legacy. I have to admit that we all loved the score to that movie, done by Daft-Punk, and ran to the nearest Best Buy and bought the CD (yes, they still had those then.) Zac listened to it over and over again.

After many weeks, he grew tired of the Tron score, I introduced him to Hans by throwing on the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest score, a movie that Zac was very familiar with at the time. I miss his cute eye-patch-wearing, pistol-toting pirating days. ­čÖü ┬áHe loved it!! And he played it almost as many times as the Tron CD.

All of a sudden, out of the blue one day, he asked to listen to our soundtrack playlist on our IPOD while driving around town. We had the Gladiator, Batman Begins and Dark Knight scores (also by Hans Zimmer) in that playlist, and it was love at first hearing.

Still, to this day, Zac listens to mostly “epic” style of music mixed with Hans’ scores like The Dark Knight Rises, Superman, and Inception. I’m SO happy that Hans has touched my son’s soul with his incredibly creative, entertaining and emotional music.

The Venue

It was a great location with the backdrop being the high-rises of downtown Nashville. Excellent sound quality! Just the right size venue, not to large and I never felt lost or turned around in it.

They had a large grassy area behind the main seating. You could bring lawn chairs and many people brought their children of ALL ages to enjoy the show. I LOVE that people are bringing their children out to experience live music. ┬áThere’s no better way, in my mind, to inspire young minds musically.

Parking was cheap($5), easy to find, about a 5 minute walk to the venue and I felt relatively safe walking back in the small crowds at night. (Yes, Mom, I look over my shoulder and I carry pepper spray.)

A Hidden Gem Near By

Maybe the people of Nashville know all about this place and its old news to them. To a tourist just walking by to get to where they are going, Wow! We walked right through this little park. It was adjacent to our parking lot. A local music group was playing. Lots of people scattered throughout the park. It was one of the coolest little parks I have EVER seen!

There was a splash area and little hills for kids to run up and down, sand, and slides all over. I would have loved to go there on a summer evening with the kids and chill on a blanket, listening to tunes while the kids play. Now I’m wondering why we didn’t. Sigh, there’s always next time!