If you have a love for the history and mysteries of the Titanic, then you HAVE to visit this museum! Its packed full of interesting artifacts and info.

(Feed the anticipation by visiting their website)

Zac was was interested in the history of the Titanic a few years ago, so we studied it. That familiarity made the trip to the museum extra fun and educational.

Bigger on the Inside

First of all, it looks super fun the moment you drive into the parking lot. The museum itself is a big replica of the boat, iceberg included. It already looks like a huge boat from the outside, but, on the inside it seemed to have doubled in size.

The Sad Reality of a Massive Ocean Liner Severely Understocked in the Life Boat Department

Upon entering the musuem we were given a card with a lucky, or very unlucky, soul who voyaged on the “unsinkable.” Our people matched our ages pretty well, too. It’s not until the very end of the musuem tour that your person’s fate is revealed. I really wanted to skip to the end of the tour instead of living in near extreme anticipation.

Audio Tours for All

I’m a huge fan of audio tours. I like being able to skip around to different exhibits if one is too crowded, and honestly, if I find the info a little boring I can skip that part of it and not feel rude. You can’t really walk away from a live tour guide if they get uninteresting.

The kid audio tour seemed informative and interesting as well. I only listened to a couple of them, though.

The BEST Thing About this Museum, Hands down… Pun intended.

Our favorite part of the musuem was trying out the 20-something degree water with our hands. This part of the museum was made to look like the deck of the boat on that night. It’s dark, starry, freezing and they have a long trough of 20 something degree water, so that your unsuspecting hand can brave the full affect of that terrible night.

They dare you to see how long you can keep said hand in said water. Yeah, 15 seconds was about the average time before the shooting and stabbing pain in our hands made us remove our hands quicker than The Flash.

Well, actually now that I’m thinking about it, walking up the full-sized replica of the Grand Staircase was pretty dang amazing!

One of Jack’s French Girls, NOT Included

For the 20th anniversary of the James Cameron Titanic movie they had the actual costumes from the movie on display.

They were the **ONLY** exhibits that guests could take pictures of in the musuem. Pretty cool to see the details of Kate Winslet’s dresses up close.

Nearer My God to Thee (#1 hit for sinking ships)

Not everyday you have the chance to play a hundred year-old piano. Zac was a little shy about sightreading a song he’s never played before in front of a crowd, but he did a good job and, of course, smiled all the way through it.

Spoilers** and Other Tips and Neat Things, Not to Be Missed.

[SPOILER] The boat sinks!! If you didn’t know that the Titanic sunk, you do now. Not the Museum boat, the real one.

Towards the end of the musuem they have some hands-on exhibits that were good fun:

  • Different degrees of the boat deck throughout its sinking process
  • Send a cry for help through Morse code.
  • Sit in a lifeboat and hear personal accounts from survivors
  • Shovel coal
  • Money well spent, for a musuem well done
  • If you’re visiting with kids, check out their website and print a scavenger hunt

Money Well Spent for a Museum Well Done

This was a very enjoyable musuem. I would visit it again! There’s so much to see and read about.

It was SO nice for just Zac and I to go and take our time and really read through things without Isabelle getting cranky and bored.

I’m so grateful that Chad was able, and willing, to miss out on this experience to watch Izzy while he was working so this trip to the musuem could happen.

PS: Zac’s person lived, and mine was not so lucky, which is truly sad ’cause she was planning on opening a school for under privileged girls in India.