Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster


Value for Money


Entertainment Value


Family Friendly


Wait Time





  • Initial price
  • Ride again price
  • Safe
  • Night ride


  • Long evening lines
  • Nothing for the under age 3 crowd to do

Satellite searching on Google Maps pays off, yet again.

I found this place while doing a Google Maps satellite search for other things to do in Pigeon Forge. Once I find where we’d like to camp, I love to jump on Google Maps and search the surrounding area for places to shop and other points of interest that are close by. I completely forgot about this place until we drove past it upon arrival to our campground – which happened to be a 2 min drive from there. Bonus!


27MPH doesn’t sound very fast at all, in my mind. In fact, I was thinking the coaster would be pretty slow at that speed because we’re used to roller coasters that average speeds of at least 50 or 60 MPH. Let me tell you, on your own little personal sled it’s a different story. Completely!

The first minute is a bit intimidating and I have to admit I did a couple of break checks just before the first banking turn. Just let yourself go. It’s fast and fun!

Chad and Zac went at night. They said that even though the wait time was long, it was totally worth it. The track was lit with different colored lights all the way down, much like a rave without the music.

Great Views

The ride up to the top is also very relaxing and peaceful. The ride down is beautiful as you weave in and out of the trees.

Final Thoughts and Tips

We had a blast! Location is great because it’s off the busy main drag. Price was good. You could re-ride all day long for $8 per ride with show of the original receipt. The people running the place were friendly and bathrooms were clean.


  • Go in the morning when they first open to avoid long wait times.
  • Buying 4 pics digitally for $25 really is the best deal and you get a sweet USB card that fits in your wallet.