While in Idaho, we were really looking forward to visiting with Chad’s parents. Their yard and garden is so lovely in the summer.

We didn’t really go and do very much, but it was nice just to visit and relax with them.

Zac loves going out with his grandparents. They really know how to spoil him and give him lots of treats and sweets. They usually catch a flick at the nearby theater. This time was no different, and Zac went with Grandpa to see Spiderman:Homecoming and Planet of the Apes. Grandpa is a real sport, too.  He saw the Apes movie, I think 4 times before taking Zac to see it.

Possibly the cutest park in Idaho

We’ve been playing at this park ever since Zac was really little. The whole playground is constructed of wood and is storybook themed. In fact, the name of the park is “Storybook Park.” For you children of the 80’s, they still have an old merry-go-round and some other metal monkey bar type play things.

It’s great to show your kid(s) your dilapidated, old school monkey bar tricks that used to wow your friends on the playground in the 80’s. They’ll really get an appreciation and possibly some gratitude for the wonderful little playground of Storybook.

If you’re in the Burley/Rupert/Heyburn area, don’t miss this little gem of a park. Pack a picnic and let the kids loose for a couple of hours.

Crazy delicious Mexican food

We ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on the planet, that just so happens to be outside California. They serve up huge portions and it’s a little taste of home(SoCal). My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I could use a burrito right about now or any time for that matter.

Uh oh! We discovered Snap Chat

Seriously, this is the most confusing App to navigate!! We still can’t figure out how to use it as a “chat” tool, but, it sure is a humorous way to take loads of pictures and videos.

The rest of our visit, in pictures