One of the things I really LOVE about our church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, LDS or Mormons) is that no matter where I am in the world, there’s a 98% chance that we’ll be on the same Sunday School lessons. Which is spectacular for a traveling family. At the beginning of the year we are given a topic or prophet’s teachings that we’ll be studying for the year. So even while traveling we can continue on to the next lesson every Sunday no matter where we happen to be, and not miss a thing! I’m so grateful for such organization.

Besides that, we have an instant family in every ward (congregation) we visit, with so much in common and so many of the same experiences to share. It’s the one consistent place in every city we visit that always feels like home.

Friendly Faces in All of These Places

Here’s some of the ward’s we visited during the month of July:

  1. Our home ward in Charlotte, NC
  2. Sevierville- Sevierville, TN- near Pigeon Forge
  3. Whitehouse- Madison, TN-near Nashville
  4. We spent at a family reunion in Idaho
  5. Chad’s old home ward- Heyburn- Heyburn, ID
Sevierville Ward, Sevierville, TN
The White House Ward, Maddison, TN
The Heyburn Ward, Heyburn, ID

We Love to See the Many Temples

We only visited 1 temple in July; Franklin, TN (Nashville area). It was a good 45 mins from where we were staying in Goodlettsville, which is just north of Nashville. Chad and I went separate nights due to the distance away from home. Someone has to keep in eye on the kiddos.

It was small in size, but beautiful none the less. It doesn’t matter which temple I visit, I feel at peace, and I love the escape from the hustle and bustle of life that I receive. My spiritual batteries are recharged and my heart is full.

How we find meetinghouses

In case you’re wondering, we find meetinghouses using the “Meeting House Locator” at It will show us the meetinghouses in the area, the names of the different wards (if there are any) and the times they meet.

Besides this, the LDS Tools app (for members) has a meetinghouse and temple locator which we use, too.