You put your rig in storage for a couple of weeks. That’s what!

Even though we had only lived in the RV for a few weeks, we had already grown accustom to living in it.  It wasn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be leaving our “personal space” in Idaho while we went to play in Utah.


Why and where

Why didn’t we just take it to Utah? We were planning on coming back through Idaho after visiting family and friends in Utah. So why spend the gas to haul it down and back again?

Plus finding an RV park in St. George, UT  that is kid-friendly or free from registered sex offenders (we were warned when we called) is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Also, SLC and the surrounding areas don’t offer a lot of appealing options as far as RV parks (which is odd since there are so many outdoor adventures in Utah).

Enter Oregon Trail Storage

Even though it says “Oregon” in the name, it is in Idaho. Near Pocatello, it was a perfect spot for coming back up the I-15, hooking up and heading to Glacier NP in Montana.

We looked at many places, and we lean heavily on reviews, but Oregon Trail Storage was relatively new and there wasn’t much info outside of Craigslist that I could find. Looking at a map and calling them, we felt good about going there – not to mention the price was fantastic.

The staff was friendly, the storage areas were spacious, it had plenty of security and it was in a safe area off the path a bit.  The owner communicates real well and even gave us a pro-rated rate since we only stayed a couple of weeks. It was a fantastic decision, so we are promoting them. Great businesses and service are hit and miss, so we want to be sure they get the credit they deserve.

Oregon Trail Storage

13355 N Dekay Rd, Pocatello, ID 83202

(208) 269-6431